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Arch Deacon Saul Neesan acquired land on Barbour Road in New Britain, Connecticut for the cemetery from the Stanley Works for the price of $1.00. This was recorded on March 14,1940. The intention was that Assyrians, who had no country, could at least have a place of their own in which to be buried.

Graves were sold then for $10.00 each and some families purchased numerous graves. The first burial occurred in 1942.

Today, most of that first generation to emigrate to the United States and settle in New Britain area are buried there.

Our cemetery is the final resting place for Church members and their families. Since it is Church owned, it is well maintained and our services to the deceased and their families are performed on a personal level, with dignity and respect.

The members of the cemetery committee are available for assistance at all times.

To Contact the Cemetery:
Phone: 860-803-1273
Email: stthomasassyrianchurch@gmail.com
Mailing Address:120 Cabot Street, New Britain, CT 06053