Rules & Regulations

1- The parish priest of the St. Thomas Assyrian Church of the East will govern any burial in this cemetery. All the burials must be permitted by him.
2- Any priest or minister, regardless of his denomination, who has been suspended from performing any church service cannot perform any burial services in this cemetery until he has obtained permission from his superiors, either the governing board or head of his church.
3- A person being buried must be either a paid member of this church, the spouse or minor child of a paid member, or an Assyrian non-member. Any individual may have his burial services performed by his own parish priest, but such priest or minister must be under supervision of either a church board or a recognized(by the Church of the East) religious leader.
4- Any member in good standing of this church may purchase graves for his/her immediate family for the amount of $1000.00 per grave. The member must have been a paid member of the St. Thomas Assyrian Church for at least the past three years. If their church membership lapses, a) graves will be forfeited @ $1.00 per grave, at which time ownership of said graves will revert back to the church, or b) they will be assessed the difference of the non-member price for each grave. Any Assyrian non-member of this church may purchase a grave for the price of $2000.00 per grave. The non-member must conform and accept these rules as set forth herein and the purchase must be approved in writing by the parish priest.
5- All graves are non-transferable.
6- All church and cemetery obligations shall be fulfilled by the estate or family of the deceased, before burial takes place. All fees and transactions must be completed prior to burial.
7- Non Connecticut residents, but members of the Assyrian Church of the East, who are in good standing, may purchase graves at the member price.
8- No form of any statue shall be used as a grave marker or headstone.
9- A single grave must have a headstone or a foot stone as a marker.
10- Two or more graves must have at least one family headstone and each grave  a foot marker. Foot markers must be flush with the ground.
11- All family plots must have four(4) initialed corner stones  for permanent identification of the family plot. These must be installed after the purchase of the site.
12- All headstones and foot markers and their installation must be approved by the Chair of the cemetery or his/her designee. If headstone or foot markers are installed without permission or not installed properly, such repairs as needed will be made by the cemetery committee and a bill will be forwarded to the owner.
13- All newly opened graves must have a vault.
14- Each person who has a  grave and or several graves must pay $50.00 per
year for the cost of maintaining  the cemetery. Those who have paid perpetual care money  , that money will be accounted for  some five years of maintenance fee starting from the date the money was paid and then they need to pay the $50.00 maintenance fee per year.
Members are welcome to donate any amount they wish for the perpetual care fund of the cemetery.
15- These rules become effective immediately, and are subject to change at any time by the parish priest and the cemetery committee of the St. Thomas Assyrian Church of the East.